Monday, July 28, 2014


Ryan went to a friend's house who lives nearby,  because until we're in a regular room,  it's just too tight for two people. 

Miles is still lightly sedated,  he's opened his eyes a bit and can hear us,  he's just sleepy.

After two hours of sleep last night,  I've got in two hours now and feel ahead of the game! Our current nurse took an extra 4 hour long shift because they're short staffed so she'll be done at midnight.  Everyone keeps telling us to sleep because we have the most expensive babysitter we'll ever have. I get it,  but easier said than done, especially when I pump every 3 hours. 

Lots of kids in the PICU, some I can tell have been here a LONG time.  That's tough to see.  Everyone does the peek as they walk by,  but not necessarily to be nosy I think,  but to kind of show sympathy and empathy.

They continue to mess with his meds,  tubes,  etc.  Such a balancing game.

Going to eavesdrop on the nurse change over and going to bed.  Enjoying having a  one on one nurse.

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  1. Try to get some sleep mama! So glad the day is almost behind you :)