Monday, July 21, 2014

This Kid.

Nolan is so amazing,  I can hardly contain myself when he expresses his thoughts,  vocabulary,  emotions,  humor,  creativity,  you name it.  I can't believe we got so lucky to have him.  I catch him rubbing Miles' head (similar to rubbing the belly of a Buddha statue,  except his head! ), trying to put Miles' glasses on,  and telling me all the time what Miles is doing or feeling. 
Last Thursday I took him to get his second set of tubes. I wasn't as nervous this time,  meaning,  I didn't have as many tears when they put him out.  I held him tight,  whispered "I love you" 7 times in his ear before they scooped his limp little body to the OR table.  10 minutes later and a few prayers,  I was back in recovery to see him.
A nurse was holding him as he held his blanket.  She told me 10 times how amazing he was.  Calm,  gentle,  kind the whole time.  I held him for a few minutes and fed him a red slushie.  I can't stand artificial coloring,  but he deserved this treat!  The nurse gave him 5 stickers,  then went to get 5 more because he was so good.  "Best patient ever" she said.  I loved hearing that.
He was starving,  so I asked what special breakfast he wanted.  He knew Burger King had french toast sticks,  so I obliged and went through the drive through.  Anyone who knows my kid knows he is a big breakfast eater.  He ate 5 french toast sticks as if they were his last meal.
This weekend he goes to Eau Claire to be with both my family and Ryan ' s while we're in the hospital the first week. I told him tonight I was going to miss him so much and that'd I'd cry missing him.  (Haven't been away from him for more than 3 nights) Wise kid told me,  "Don't cry mama,  be brave!  I'll come back! "

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