Monday, July 28, 2014


We're in our PICU room now and got to see him.  Our lead nurse is still doing lots of charting and work for now,  but we'll have a discussion soon about everything we see and what's going on.

There's two family lounges here in icu,  one that has 2 showers. Decent sized room,  but there are soooooo many machines we're cramped to a small back part.  There's a large bathroom,  but no shower.  When we get to the regular floor we'll have one in our room.

Lots of wires, machines,  tubes,  you name it.  He's on lots of meds.  He'll actually start to wake soon,  but they'll keep him very mildly sedated while he has his ventilator in.

Big windows. Two different shade options
Um.... our beds for the evening
These are all of his meds he's on. 


  1. So happy you are both back with him and he is on his way to healing! That is a lot oftubes and wires!

  2. Oh sweet little baby. Lots of healing thoughts to him.