Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It finally happened.

Miles visited the cardiologist today for a weight and respiratory check.  Luckily he's gained 9 ounces in 10 days,  but he's officially in congestive heart failure.  We knew it could happen,  and actually,  they thought it would at about 4 weeks of life.  It never did that early,  thank goodness, because I wasn't prepared for the early signs of CHF. (Blue tinted skin, excessive sweating and choking while eating, etc)

His oxygen dropped down to 94, his liver is enlarged due to fluid,  and there's fluid in his lungs.  Luckily no blue tint to his skin and we're starting a med called lasix that will hopefully decrease the fluids,  allow him to eat better,  and breath a little easier.  2.5 weeks until surgery,  so he's officially quarantined to home to prevent illness.  No more visitors after this weekend either.

Glasses on an infant are a royal pain in the ass. They move like crazy,  and that's because he does.  As he becomes more upright, hopefully they'll stay on better. 

The positive side to today. .. Nolan is going to grandma and grandpa's house for a few nights.  Mostly to get some much needed attention and so we can get stuff done.

Next post will be about Miles' baptism/celebration of life.  Coming soon!

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