Sunday, July 20, 2014

Miles' Baptism and Celebration of Life

Miles' was baptized on Sunday, June 29th.  Initially we had it scheduled for July 13th, but the pastor was going to be out of town and the date was cutting it too close to his surgery.  We didn't want him catching a virus, or possibly being admitted early. 

The weather was perfect. The only bummer was that one of Miles' godparents was going to be in town from D.C. the weekend of July 13th, so she wasn't able to make it to our changed date.  Although, thanks to modern day technology, she was able to be with us via skype, and from her desk at the police station, said all the promises, prayers, and "I do's" with Nora and Katie.  She came last weekend to meet Miles. (Still need to get that pic from Ryan's phone.)

During lunch, we did a big balloon launch for Miles.  Everyone took a balloon and said either a well wish or prayer for Miles and his journey in life, and at the same time, we all let them go. It was so fun. I wish I could've heard all the prayers and well wishes, but at the same time, I don't think we needed to. :)  

It was a perfect day to dedicate Miles to God and be surrounded by so much love and support from family, friends, neighbors, and church family/congregation.  Pastor Kevin was so kind and warm, and said he looked forward to Miles growing up in the church and participating in all the events with the other kids and teens.

Here are a few pics from the baptism.

 Our church does a wonderful job including children in the service. This was at the end where all children get to go up from and use various "shakers" to play along with the last hymn.

 So we took pictures after, and Nolan is always sticking his tongue out for pictures to be silly.  With my lack of sleep, combined with his lack of sleep from a hotel stay with family the night before, I snapped and over reacted and told him not to do that.  Miles was also getting crabby.  

 And then the tears came. Ha. Well...that's what makes for an over stressed mommy and a tired toddler.
 Miles wore Nolan's baptismal outfit. He also had a little silk beret and booties, but those of course kept falling off.

Godmothers Katie above, and Nora below. 
 We're calling his godparents our "Three Wise Women."

 Getting ready to launch some balloons for Miles!

 And they're off!

Our cute bugaboo in his silk baptismal outfit!


  1. Looks like a beautiful celebration for Miles!!

  2. The pictures make it look like an awesome celebration! I LOVE your idea of just having Godmothers