Monday, July 28, 2014

In recovery

Miles is in the picu now and we're in the lounge waiting to see him. We saw a glimpse  of his room walking by and there's an army of people there.  Overall surgery went pretty well. The main valve they worked on still has a mild to moderate leak,  but we knew that was likely going to happen due to the nature of defect (size,  location,  etc. ) He can live with that leak without many side effects for awhile. Surgeon thought that if more  repair or replacement was needed,  it'd be in his 20s.  We're hoping meds will only be temporary for the few weeks after surgey (help the heart work and help heal it).

The good news,  as of now,  there isn't a need for a pacemaker.  But the small wires are set in place and ready if he needs it.  The next few days will determine that.

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  1. Good to hear it went well. Thinking of you. Hugs