Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Super Specs!

Because sometimes even superheroes need glasses!  Last week we went to the pediatric eye doctor,  because I read all kids with DS should have an eval by 6 months.  I don't remember exactly,  but I think I read more than 50% of kids with DS need vision correction.  Sure enough he did. The exams are almost identical to adults,  they just use lights and lenses to see what he needs. 

I was pretty bummed.  I knew he'd be cute,  but the thought of ANOTHER thing needing correction,  or being wrong,  still hurt.  I always thought that if either of my kids needed glasses,  they were going to have cool ones and a few pairs.  Well, with a very limited supply of TINY glasses and $450 a piece,  we're waiting for new vision insurance and more options as he gets bigger. :)

I laid Miles next to Nolan at nap today for a few minutes,  and Nolan goes "I like your new glasses buddy!" Bless his sweet heart.  Made me tear up.  And then I realized we HAVE to start calling him Miles more,  or he's going to think his name is Buddy.

Ryan was sad upon hearing Miles needed glasses,  but not because of actually getting them,  but because he realized Miles had never really seen his Daddy very well before.  Daddy's heart always seems to have a better perspective and outlook than mine. I'm so glad he's their Daddy. He's helping my heart too.  Here are some pics of the new specs!
(And at dinner at Pizza Luce after getting the glasses,  and of our first walk outside with them. )


  1. LOVE those cute little specs! And Ryan is right...now Miles will be seeing all of you so much more clearly:)

  2. So cute!!! Awesome that they transition outside!