Saturday, August 2, 2014

No room at the Inn

Well,  today was the best day we've have yet.  Miles is eating from a bottle like a champ.  They told us to watch out when he started eating,  because he was going to eat waaaaaaay more.  He sure is.  He used to eat only 3 or 3.5 ounces every 2-3 hours,  and that was WORK for him. Today Ryan fed him 4.5 ounces in 10 mins.  His goal is about 4 oz every 3 hours.

He used to exclusively nurse,  but it started to be a lot of work for him when his heart started failure,  so we did fewer nursing sessions and more bottle sessions with breastmilk.  I knew bottle feeding would be the easiest in the hospital,  so we worked hard at making him take one. Now I think he prefers it actually,  much faster and easier to get the goods!

We were supposed to be moved out of the picu but there was no room for us upstairs! So we're hanging out one more night here.

We got to see and squeeze and snuggle Nolan today and it was fantastic!  We're not going that long away from him for a long time! He did great with Miles, only asked about his oxygen. The child life specialist brought him a stuffed monkey with an oxygen tube attached that he got to take home!  It was his job to help take care of the monkey while the hospital takes care of Miles. We also went to lunch and played on the playground here.  He's excited to visit the new for so he can play in the big playroom.

Miles got his drainage tubes out and his pacer wires.  Although he hasn't been on anything stronger than Tylenol for awhile, they gave him a dose of morphine before doing it.  All those tubes are sutured inside of him,  so taking them out isn't pleasant.  I wasn't in there,  but Ryan stayed. Ryan actually enjoys comforting Miles and watching all those procedures.  He's mostly curious to see what they're doing.  I have no curiosity in it.

Miles is getting his strength back,  trying to talk again,  and finally smiling again!  We knew this surgery would put him back a bit as far as developmental things,  mostly because he won't be doing a lot of strengthening stuff and he'll be sore.  He was decent at rolling prior to surgery,  but with sternum restrictions and pain,  he won't be doing that for awhile.

Ryan just brought back dinner,  we're off to have a romantic dinner on our pullout chairs. :)


  1. Been thinking of you this week since we made our move up. If I don't see you again (home tomorrow), please know I will continue to pray for Miles and your family. I searched for you on FB, but could not find you (to many with your name). If you wish, y
    U can search me Christy Jurgensen Onken

  2. So glad today was a day full of positive things for all of you! Hugs and prayers to all!