Friday, August 1, 2014


Yesterday was a rough day. .. Miles wasn't comfortable and got some not so great news.  He has hypertension and pulmonary hypertension.  Both can be typical after surgey,  but may need to eventually go home on those meds.  (Which they say happens a lot) His heart and lungs have had a lot of trauma,  so it'll take time to get things figured out. He also has been very backed up gastrointestinally, and currently has "ileus" where the stomach and gastro stuff isn't working much.  Over time,  it'll come back.  He's just been sedentary and doped up a lot the last 4 days. He also had a little bit of fluid in one lung that they're trying to get out.

On the positive,  we'll try bottle feeds hopefully today.  The line in his groin will hopefully come out today.  Chest tubes still have drainage,  so probably tomorrow.  He's only getting .8 of a liter of oxygen so that they're going to try to be done with today.

He's only on Tylenol for pain,  another thing that helps with "agitation" sometimes,  and now his two hypertension meds.  One of which is viagra. Yep,  guess that started as a hypertension drug,  and they soon realized the "other side effects. " He won't have those though,  not a high enough dose. 

We finally get to hold him today.  He wants to be held and touched so bad.  I hold him upright in his bed thing and bounce him a little and he loves it. His incision is now left open

We've learned that you take 2 steps forward and one back.  We kind of hit the back,  but are looking forward to the 2 ahead.


  1. Hang in there! Here is to two steps forward!

  2. Yes - hopefully TWO BIG STEPS FORWARD! Sending hugs and prayers!