Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday continued. .

Miles got his lines out of his groin and neck,  and they placed a peripheral line in his arm. He only has his oxygen left (but only getting a very small amount) and an ng feeding tube for a "just incase" means to give meds and milk.  The good news. . He started to take a bottle well.

We tried a bottle this morning,  it took him some practice and we also had him sitting up a little in his bed.  Not ideal eating situation,  so the Speech clinician said we should try tomorrow.  But he was soooooo hungry!  We had a really proactive nurse who saw lots of potential in his eating ability and got permission to try again without speech.  So we did. . And he ate 3 oz over an hour and a half time span.  In order to get that feeding tube out, he needs to eat 3 oz every 3 hours.  I'm so glad we practiced (forced) the bottles at home the last few weeks,  because it is making a difference.

I also got to hold him for the first time and he would've loved it more at first if he weren't so hungry!  He ate,  then cuddled,  and then napped.

Picking up,  holding, burping,  etc. of a post open heart kiddo is not the easiest!

And actually,  he does still have his drainage tubes (which we got a disgusting amount of fluid out while holding him more upright! ) and his pacer wires in.  Those should come out tomorrow,  and Those. Will. Hurt.  If his feeding goes well through the night,  I'm sure he'll get moved to a different floor tomorrow.  Our nurses have already been shared the last two days.

Can't wait for a bigger room and tv!

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