Monday, August 4, 2014

Discharge Day Tomorrow!

Yep,  we're being discharged 9 days after open heart surgery! Miles had OT today,  an echocardiogram,  and a very assertive visit from a cardiologist.  (Not our usual one. ) Although a bit socially awkward (but very smart) doctor wanted his ng tube out (we weren't using it for feedings anyways), wanted him to eat more and sleep more when HE wanted,  and wanted to look at his echo to get him off the oxygen. She also then said,  "maybe tomorrow! " I assumed she meant discharge.

We got good news from the echo,  his pressures were down and didn't need anymore oxygen.  He still has a little hypertension and pulmonary hypertension,  but is quite typical as things balance out in his healing heart.  There's still some "regurgitation, " or leakage from his repaired valve,  and he may always have that. We expected that,  but shouldn't create problems in the near future.  He is at a "plus 1" with that,  on a scale of 0-4, 0 being no leakage. 

He was thrilled to get the tubes off his face and socks off his hand so he could bring it to his face without pulling tubes out.  He only has his heart monitors on now.

Although discharge is tomorrow,  we're sure we're not going anywhere until tomorrow late afternoon.  Things run slow,  especially with getting all the info from the team he's had while here. 

So we go home with a few meds,  but an overall healthy,  happy baby who used superhero strength to overcome what would take us weeks.  Although they require all cardiac patients to relearn cpr, still stinks to think we'd need it.  Although,  we're just as likely to use it on any other infant we know too.

Here are a few pictures of happy Miles,  our psychedelic room (there are tons of funky lighting options in each room!),  (and an outside view of some of the rooms lit up at night), and other stuff. ..

We got to the enormous room,  just in time to go home 2 days later.  We'll take it though.

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