Saturday, February 28, 2015

Miles' First Birthday Party!

Our sweet boy is ALMOST ONE! Can you believe it?  He officially turns one next Tuesday on March 3rd.  Today we celebrated Miles' first birthday with family and friends in Eau Claire. Of course it was "Superhero" themed as that theme has stuck with him from day one.  We've all discovered our extra super powers and strength through this journey of raising a child with an extra 21st super chromosome.

Ryan put together a beautiful picture slide show of Miles' first year, which we'll share in a few days. By the time it came to cake, Miles was super tired and didn't really want anything to do with it. We figured we'd have a few more times to let him enjoy a treat over the next few days anyway, so he had a bottle and gladly took a nap.  

 More blog posts next week as we reflect on his first year of life and all the trials and triumphs that have come with it.  Miles was fearfully and wonderfully made with specific purpose for this life.  Ryan and I are the lucky ones who get to be his parents and show him the world, and share him with the world. Enjoy a peek into his first birthday party!

 Captain America fruit tray!

 Someone was already a little wore out.

 We had POW Pineapple, Green Lantern Salad, and SUPER Veggies
 Thor's Hammers,Superman Salami, and Catwoman Crunch
 Cowabunga Cheeseballs
 Batman BBQ and Iron Man Meatballs
Also not pictured, "Lightning Lemonade," "Invisible Water, and "POP!"
 Playing with Mike's cup

 A SUPER Big Brother, whom Miles idolizes.
 Nolan has taken to caring for Miles' new Superman Bear until Miles' ready to take care of him.  Notice the bear even has glasses, just like Miles!

 And...not very interested in this (giant!) smash cake.  We saved it, and will try again another time! It was delicious though!

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