Tuesday, January 27, 2015

6 months Post Surgery

Today ( 28th)marks 6 months from when Miles had his open heart surgery.  Our little barely 11 pound boy,  with a heart as big as a walnut,  survived and conquered his biggest medical obstacle. After 8 days he was discharged and started to gain weight like crazy.  It's amazing what an efficient heart can do! He's probably around 19 pounds now,  and almost 11 months old!

Right now he:
-Eats all kinds of baby food
-Drinks from a straw cup and practices on real cups!
-uses his pincer grasp to pick up puffs, melts, and other snacks
-gums almost anything we put in his mouth
-has no teeth (kids with DS get teeth later)
-pivots,reaches, turns, and does a sort- of army crawl

-loves bath time (swimming lessons this summer! )

-loves when we sing and dance with him

-babbles like crazy
-working on waving and clapping. .he's done them both a few times for others,  but I've yet to see it myself!
-gladly pulls hair,  earrings
-gives kisses...aka, tries to suck on chins
-loves giving hugs and snuggles
-sits beautifully, and can catch himself if falls

Here are a few pictures from surgery and then recently!

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